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    28 Mar 2005

    Ms Access Site List

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    ite Description and sub-links
    Microsoft Access for Developers (MSDN forum), Microsoft Answers (Office forum)
    Utter Access Discussion forums and wiki.
    Access Programmers (UK) Access discussions
    Usenet Requires a news reader, or use groups.google.com to search for comp.databases.ms-access

    Free Access sites

    Site Description and sub-links
    Microsoft Knowledgebase. Template and sample databases. The Office Access and Access 2007 help sites (includes articles by Allen Browne) Access 2010 runtime. Access 2007 developer extensions, runtime, adding programs to 2007 deployment packages, Office 2010 developer references. Blogs by the Access Team and Clint Covington. SQL Server migration assistant for Access.
    Access Web Page Official site of the Microsoft Access MVPs: API, Bugs, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports.
    Stephen Lebans Print PDF, Rich text and bold, Rotate text, lines/controls that grow, Mouse wheel off, Animated gif, Transparency, Save Relationship views.
    QBuilt Articles by Tom Wickerath and others, Gem Tips (VB Editor Options, etc), Unable to create an MDE,
    How-To (conversion, fixes, forms, queries, reports, security, VBA, and workarounds)
    Tony Toews Tips, downloads, fixes, user groups, Performance FAQ, Email FAQ, FE Updater, Runtime versionsDevelopers Edition fixes.
    Jeff Conrad Access Junkie: Database Documenter, Switchboard FAQ, Resources, Normalization links, Access 2007 info, Access 2007 Help Topics, Access 2007 FAQ
    Access-Freak.com Access 2007 site by Access MVP Oliver Stohr. Tutorials and blog.
    Alex Dybenko Tips and tricks, Access blog.
    Doug Steele Doug's articles for Smart Access. Extended DateDiff(), Reference problems, DSN-less connections, List fonts.
    Graham Seach Code such as fading forms.
    Roger's Access Library Sample databases from Roger and others.
    Peters Software Shareware, freeware, sample code.
    John Nurick Code for file/string handling, Regular Expressions in VBA, Perl scripts, sample to import Microsoft Works data.
    John Viescas Access author and MVP. Book selections, tips, downloads.
    Arvin Meyer Sample database solutions.
    Hook'D on Access Duane Hookom's sample databases, including simple calendar layouts built by setting MoveLayout to No.
    Ken Snell Sample databases, Excel import/export
    Candia Computer Consulting Al Campagna's tips and downloadable examples, e.g. "Continued" on report group headers, custom tool tips.
    J Street Tech (Armen Stein) Tools such as relinker for multiple back ends. Zip files for: Access and SQL Server, Security, Report selection, Tools, Data Dictionary, Converting flat files.
    Drewslair Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications tutorials, from Andrew Comeau.
    Trigeminal Michael Kaplan on replication, internationalization, version conflicts, references. His blog also covers topics like What does DAO have that ADO/ADOx/JRO do not?, In case of conflict, dump the indexes!, How to get at Jet warnings that are not errors
    Data Pig Technologies Tutorials, demonstrating Access techniques. Uses Flash.
    Steve Schapel Blog and anecdotes of how Access is used in the real world. SMS and FTP from Access.
    RVBA Naming Conventions Naming conventions for objects and variables in Access.
    AccessRibbon.com How to create and manage ribbons for Access 2007, by Avenius Gunter. Also in German.
    DB Container for Access 2007 Database Window for Access 2007 (like previous versions), by Avenius Gunter. Also in German.
    Asken.com Free sample databases for Assess Tracking, Contact Management, Event Management, Expenses, Inventory Control, Ledger, Order Entry, Resource Scheduling, Service Call Management, Time and Billing. (Requires email address.)
    MyAccessProgram Tips and videos
    Stuart McCall Code and tips, downloads e.g. FTP client 
    Spell Checker (open source) Spelling checker for Access 97, 2000 and 2007. Works with rich text, and runtime. Open Source. From PCE Soft.
    Bob Larson Samples and tutorials from BTAB Development.
    Dev Hut The Developer's Hut tips, tricks, resources.
    Total Hero Access tutorials
    Other Access 2007 links Other links for Access 2007
    David Fenton JET Replication, class module to replace FileSearch object, ...
    Tigeronomy From John Mishefske: VBA/HTML converter, code samples, downloads to compare Access files, create wizards (A2007.)
    Cypris’ lookout Blog on Access and other topics, e.g. enhanced MsgBox, transparent modal dialog.
    Regina Whipp Access tips from Gina (MVP)
    Andrew Plaisted Tips and tutorials for Access 2000 and later.
    Philipp Stiefel German and English tips for MS Access, from Philipp Stiefel (MVP)

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